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World Wide  Knitting in Public Day is just around the corner and you can find a list of UK Knitting in Public events on the World Wide Knitting in Public Day website.

There are plenty of UK events but if there isn’t one near you, why don’t you get some knitting friends together or mobilise your knitting group to take your needles out and about.

There are no hard and fast rules about celebrating Knitting in Public Day – you could just meet up with other knitters for a coffee and get your knitting out, or you might find somewhere public to offer drop in knitting lessons – but here are some ideas to get you started.

Hope for good weather and have a picnic. This is an easy event to organise: choose a picnic spot, pack your lunch and knitting and meet up with others. Choosing somewhere with a wet weather option is a good plan. In Shetland knitters plan to picnic outside the Textile Museum in Lerwick (or meet in the café if the weather is not so good).

knitting in public
Knitting in public picnics can be fun and colourful  (images from a previous Stitch London WWKIP Day event)
If you are worried about the weather, take a leaf out of the Bexley Knitters’ book and talk to your local library or arts centre to see if you could have an event in their café or another space. This is also a good plan if you are going to offer to teach beginners.

And finally, “public transport crawls” are popular Knitting in Public activities. Choose a route – the full length of the Blackpool tram would work well – settle in and see what you can make. It is a great way to meet new people and introduce them to knitting. This year a group of Belfast knitters are  planning to knit on the hop-on hop-off tourist bus round the city.
And don’t forget to add your event to the official website so other people can find you.

Don’t be nervous
If you are nervous of knitting in public, don’t be, says UKHKA team member Bronagh Miskelly, a committed public knitter. “I knit anywhere I can have a seat – cafes, waiting rooms and all kinds of public transport from a Blackpool tram to an Indian Ferry” she says. “You do get stared at but mainly because people are interested. People often talk to me and I’ve found myself advising people on knitting problems, telling them where to learn or buy yarn and letting them know about knitting groups.
“Just get your knitting out and enjoy!”

And please post pictures of your knitting in public activities to our Facebook page or on Twitter with the hashtag #WWKIPDay


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