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Tips for knitting in summer

We know that while some people are planning what knitting or crochet they will take to the beach this summer, others regularly put all their yarnie projects away until the autumn.

So here are our top tips for knitting through the summer months:

  1. Think about the fibres in the yarn. One of the biggest worries about knitting in summer is getting sticky hands, so think about how particular yarns make your hands feel and how they behave when they get damp. So you probably don’t want to use a wool or especially a mohair that might felt on the needles. But in summer we wear other natural fibres such as cotton, linen and even bamboo so these are also good choices for knitting with as well.

    summer yarns
    1.Sublime Cotton Silk DK (75% Cotton 25% Silk), 2. Stylecraft Malabar Cotton with Silk Aran (78% Cotton, 22% Silk) 3. Rico Essentials Linen Blend Aran (45% Viscose, 40% Cotton, 15% Linen) 4. Debbie Bliss Debbie Bliss Luxury Silk DK (100% silk) 5. Rowan Summerlite 4ply (100% cotton) 6. Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton 4 Ply (100% cotton) 7. King Cole bamboo cotton (48% bamboo, 52% cotton)
  2. Yarn weight makes a difference. Cotton and silk yarns are available in heavier weights. Howver, you may find finer yarns such as 4-ply and laceweight more comfortable to work with in warm weather because there is less yarn in your hands. But we wouldn’t recommend taking that shawl using hand painted cashmere to the beach or up a mountain.
  3. Your needles make a difference. Metal needles will warm up In the sunshine and some people find plastic needles make their hands warm anyway, so they would be a good choice for a heatwave. Wood or carbon fibre tends to be less affected by external temperature. Pick needles that generally feel cool or comfortable in your hands.
  4. Choose smaller or lightweight projects. A summer’s afternoon is not the best time to work on a man’s chunky jumper that will cover your lap with an insulating layer you really don’t need. But the good light might be just for thing for working on that lacy scarf you’ve been planning. Or work on squares/motifs for a blanket which you can join up in the autumn.

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