Planning Your Holiday Knitting

The summer holidays are upon us which means some annual knitting conundrums are arising.

summer holiday
For some us knitting counts as a holiday essential (image from the Erika Knight blog)

First off, is how many projects to pack for a holiday. When we asked our Twitter followers how many projects they take away, answers included “too many”, “a range” and varied from two to six.

The big issues seem to be a fear of running out without access to a local yarn shop and not having the right project for the circumstances, such as travelling or sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine.

So it is a good idea to write a knitting packing list in advance. This will avoid the twin evils of searching for the right needles three hours before an early morning start and cramming extra random balls of yarn into your case at the very last minute.

Among the top tips for holiday knitting we’ve collected are:

  • Take works-in-progress. This will avoid any indecision about what to cast on or the need to cling to wifi hotspots in the hope of downloading a new pattern. It also means you will have the yarn and needles already sorted out.
  • Choose small projects like socks (your first sock could be a holiday challenge, if you like those) or lightweight projects such as shawls or lacy scarves.
  • Take three projects – easy, medium and hard so you have plenty to keep you going and something for all circumstances
  • Also check out our tips for hot weather knitting.


Airport security and planes

The other issue with holiday knitting and crochet is about whether your needles and hooks will be allowed through airport security.

There is no ban on knitting needles or crochet hooks in hand luggage for UK airports. However, some airports may have their own rules so it is worth checking the individual website plus some security staff don’t know the rules so it can be worth printing out the official information.

As for knitting on the plane, this depends on the individual airlines and their cabin staff. Some welcome knitters and the crew will chat about what you are making – often the case on BA and Aer Lingus – but others such as Etihad seem to have a blanket ban. Again check the websites. And remember airports and airlines aren’t anti-knitter they just want to make travel as a safe as possible.

Tips for carrying knitting and crochet in your hand baggage:

  • Choose plastic or bamboo needles and circular needles over DPNs or straights.
  • Don’t take your favourite needles in case you do have to give them up.
  • Also don’t choose a project that will be irreparably damaged by having the needles removed.
  • If you use interchangeable needles, remove the tips before you go and stow them with your pens. This protects the ends and your project is safe on its cable. When you get an opportunity to knit all you have to do is reattach.

We hope that with this in mind you have a lovely holiday whenever you get away and if you are travelling that you get the opportunity to check out some local yarn shops – one of our team has already identified four in her summer destination.

And if you have any more holiday tips please add them in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Planning Your Holiday Knitting”

  1. Airlines in Australia do not allow you to carry knitting needles in carry on luggage they must be in suitcase in cargo area 😢


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