Knitting for Pets

When your drawers are swollen with sweaters, cardies and shawls, every baby you know has a pretty hoodie, and your family members have socks, gloves and hats for every day of the year, who do you knit for next?

Well, there are the many charities in our Commit to Knit project you could make things for but another potential recipient for your knitting could be your pets.

knitting for pets
Stylish knits for your pets: Cat mane hat by Mer Almagro; Dog coat by Stylecraft; Dino cat hat from Sara Thomas; Hayfield DK dog santa hat; crochet pet ball covers by Debi Brennan; and chicken sweaters

There are plenty of options for pet knitting from the practical such as coats for smaller or fragile breeds of dog and blankets and beds for pets of all sizes, as well as catnip mice for your cat, to the more just for fun options such as pet hats. With a couple of balls of yarn you can turn you moggie into a lion or a dinosaur, or dress your pooch for Christmas morning. Some of the cat hats look amazing but I’m not sure I have the courage to attempt to put a costume on a cat.

Even if you don’t have a pet yourself, you could think about using up oddments of yarn creating a blanket or a toy for a rescue animal. Both the RSPCA and the National Animal Welfare Trust – two charities backed by Commit to Knit – accept items to help with maltreated or abandoned animals (always check with your local branch).

Or you could check with your local animal rescue centre to see if they need any special animal items knitted such as sweaters for former battery hens to wear while their feathers regrow.

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