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A knitter’s Christmas list

Is your ideal Christmas list made up of crafting goodies?

We recently asked our Twitter followers what they’d like for Christmas and got some great ideas which we’ve brought together here so that you can leave this blog open on your computer or tablet screen as a little hint for others.


Lots of you want new accessories this year:

  • needles sets or even needles cases to sort out your ever growing needle collections
  • swifts and ball winders
  • or the one I spotted recently, a set of adjustable sock stretchers to help me knit socks in a range of sizes.

One great suggestion was some luxury yarn to make a sweater pattern the knitter had been admiring for ages. I’m sure lots of us have our eyes on the perfect yarn for a project.

Another clever idea was buttons. A collection of unusual buttons, enough for several garments, in a small tin (a mini button box) is something that can bring a lot of pleasure (pic).

Then there were the thing you really, really want.

Time for knitting. We all want more knitting time/longer days to “knit all the things”. A lovely present could be a voucher from family promising you some undisturbed knitting time. An alternative is a speed knitting class.

We heard from someone who wants the “magic spell for neat intarsia”. While that might be a bit hopeful, another item for the Christmas list might well be a class or workshop. It is a gift that keeps giving because you will be happier with projects and able to take on more challenging ones.

crochet christmas decoration 2

And finally we came across a great idea for a fun Christmas gift for any knitter friend – something that might work well for knitting group Secret Santa event.

Take a nice ball or skein of yarn and gather a few small but fun knitting gifts – stitch markers, tape measure, etc – then wind the yarn into a new ball, wrapping the items into the layers as you go. The person receiving the present has to use the yarn in order to uncover the hidden treasures. This may also a great idea for when you are teaching kids to knit.

Please share your knitting and crochet gift ideas with us.


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