Our learning to knit heroes

We asked you on Twitter recently about who taught you to knit. There was a tremendous response about the great people who started you on your yarn craft journey. So here we are celebrating them and some of the stories you shared

There were lots of mentions for grans and mums who, along with the occasional auntie, seem to have been the mainstay of knitting teachers – there were plenty of memories of being sat on someone’s lap with yarn as an excuse for cuddles. Let’s hope it continues in future generations.

But there was also a great story of a knitting dad from @TraceyTodhunter who said:

“I learnt to crochet by copying my Dad as he taught himself from the Golden Hands which came in weekly parts!”

School was another place to learn – but only it seems for females:

“I was taught in infant school. Boys did basket weaving and girls did knitting. Never regretted it one bit!” reported @KathleenEvaRyan and @Alterknitive said: “Mrs Jones taught all the girls garter st at primary school (the boys played with Lego). I taught myself the rest from the Ladybird book.”

learn to knit

@romobooks told us that she learned at age nine while at boarding school in India and that her first project was a conical hat with orange and brown stripes. Sadly there don’t seem to be pictures of these early efforts.

It seems that the first project was a major factor in whether you took to knitting. “Being forced to knit horrid beige gloves at primary school put me off for a long time,” ‏@janewendy4 told us.

And then there were those of you who learned by yourselves such as @lauramum who says: “I learned from a book in 2004 when I was pregnant with child 1. I still have the book and the tragic scarf I made.” Or ‏@kazpetal who confessed: “I learnt from a book when I was supposed to be revising for A levels. I ended up with a lovely, pink mohair jumper & dismal grades.”

It says something about the pleasure so many people gain from their knitting and crochet that they have such strong memories of learning. We’d love to hear more of your learning stories so please share some below.

You can find some tips on helping children learn to knit here and useful links on our website.

1 thought on “Our learning to knit heroes”

  1. I was taught by my Mum when I was about 7. She taught me to knit, but I couldn’t get my head round purl for another 20 years or so. Somewhere she has the epic Doctor Who scarf I made in garter stitch as my first project, with its erratic tension, variable stitch count and random holes.


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