Crochet is more fashion than granny

crochet fashion

The so-called crochet “granny-square” was the talk of social media fashionistas in the past few weeks after Gigi Hadid was photographed in a crocheted Rosetta Getty coat ( pictured top left). Suddenly a technique often declared twee is the first love of fashion editors.

And it is not the only high fashion outing for the crochet square, above right is a dress from a recent Pucci collection.

So if you can crochet – and we know lots of you can as well as knit – you are way ahead in the fashion stakes and can start now on creating something striking for the spring or summer. Think about how much of a crochet statement you want to make and look at the fantastic choice of yarn and colour available to make your one off piece.

We’ve collected a few crochet square based patterns here to get you started but we’d also love to see your beautiful creations and your favourite squares. Do share your links below.



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