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Making tough decisions about your projects

The long Easter weekend is a perfect time for the knitting or crochet version of spring cleaning – the project bag shake out.

This is a tough exercise which involves diving into your work in progress (WIP) pile and assessing the state of our various projects.

I undertook it recently when I realised I was short of crochet hooks, certain sizes of needles, stitch markers and medium-length cables for my interchangeable needles.

These items were most certainly not lost, they were simply in an unidentified project bag or two, I told people as I shopped for extra needles and hooks. So I thought it was time to take myself in hand and have a WIP sort out.

And to answer the tough question honestly: Will this WIP ever become a finished object?

The answer tends to be “yes” if the project just needs sewing up and a collar knitted or the second sock is almost ready for the heel turn. It is more likely to be no if you can’t find the pattern, the tension or the stitch pattern has definitely gone off piste or you have no idea why you cast it on in the first place.

A project bag shake out might sound a bit disheartening but it is actually very positive. You might discover an almost finished project you had forgotten in a yarn you love and there is the cathartic option of ripping out a disaster with the option of using the yarn for something much better.

knitting accessories
It is amazing what a project bag shake up will help you find

In the spirit of honesty, my shake out revealed:

  • Two almost finished sweaters
  • A second sock close to completion
  • A first sock of a pair that was probably cast on for a traveling project.
  • A crochet slipper with major tension issues – now ripped out
  • Lace shawl with no accompanying pattern. This was only a couple of repeats in so ripping out the lovely yarn and choosing a new pattern.
  • The back and one almost complete sleeve of a man’s jumper – this is a very old project and the rest of it has not turned up, so I’m considering experimenting with felting the pieces and recycling the results into something completely different.
  • Assorted accessories and needles
  • And now several empty project bags
summer knitting
If you time it right you might find, err…, “last” summer’s WIPs to finish in time for this year

It was very refreshing, I’ve committed to finishing the three almost there projects before I cast on anything else and effectively have some new yarn to play with. However, the traveling sock remain in project limbo.


2 thoughts on “Making tough decisions about your projects”

  1. I’m in exactly the same predicament! My WIP has been increasing through the winter…only trouble is, just started another lovely project! Will get the rest done for the Summer season though….eventually!!


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