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6 reasons why we love local yarn shops

6 reasons why we love local yarn shops

With Yarn Shop Day 2016  on Saturday 30 April fast approaching, we thought it was an ideal time to look at why we love local yarn shops – beyond the fact we are yarn addicts who can’t help go ooh and ahh at the sight of a room full of yarn.

  1. Being able to touch and compare yarns. Reading about a yarn can only tell you so much. So times you need to see it close up to decide if it is right for you. Plus when you see yarn in the fibre, so to speak, there is the opportunity to try different colour combinations.
  2. Discovering new yarns. When you go into a yarn shop it isn’t unusual to spot a new yarn or colourway you didn’t know about. Admittedly this can mean you buy a lot more yarn that you went in for. On the UK Hand Knitting team we’re great believers in going into yarn shops we come across because you never know when you might find something new.
  3. New patterns. One great thing about yarn shops is exploring the knitted samples they have on show, which can give you new ideas (and lead to buying unplanned yarn…)
  4. Yarn shop owners and staff know a lot about yarn and yarn crafts. They tend to be passionate about what they do and so are a mine of information and advice.
  5. Want to learn a new technique? A good place to start will be your local yarn shop which may run classes or point you in the right direction.
  6. Yarn shops are somewhere you can talk about your knitting and crochet with like-minded people. It is socially acceptable to admire other people’s yarn or work. Plus many shops have their own knitting groups.

If you are not sure if there is a yarn shop near you, we have been mapping them across the UK to help you. Click here to find your nearest shop.

And we’ve been asking the shops on the map what they’re planning for Yarn Shop Day and you can find out more here. And even if your local yarn shop doesn’t have a special event listed, why not show your support by popping in for a look on Saturday 30 April.

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