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Facing the one skein challenge

Do you have lots of single skeins or only a couple of balls of particular yarns in your stash? It is very easy to be tempted by a new yarn and buy one or two balls to try it out. The problem can be deciding what you can make with 50g or 100g of yarns.

Unless you are going for a patchwork approach, full-sized garments are out but there are a surprising amount of items you can make out of just a ball or two of yarn.

Clutch bags, purses and phone cosies are all good options and offer the opportunity to try out new stitch patterns as well. You can play about with texture or if you have a couple of skeins in two colours you could try some fair isle or crochet colourwork.

Cosy accessories can easily be made from one or two skeins. A beanie hat is easily produced from 50g of 4ply, DK or aran yarn and you should manage a hat and mitten set or a snuggly scarf from 100g. And there are plenty of shawlette patterns using a mere 100g.

Homewares offer lots of options from table mats and wash clothes to egg, tea or mug cosies. Or you might have a go at creating some felted bowls.

Baby gifts can be another great way to use up a lonely ball or two. Plus you might manage a whole garment such as a slipover or a tunic for a newborn, as well as hat and mitten sets.

Socks are of course a perfect one skein project – that’s what 100g balls of sock yarn are designed for after all.

one skein knits
Some one skein inspirations: Acorn Cowl in Araucania Botany Lace; Cup cozies from Red Heart; Man’s beanie in Stylecraft Life beanie; UKHKA baby waistcoats; Sirdar Crofter tea cosies; James C Brett crochet hat in Noodles
To help you (and us) use up those beautiful but small quantities of yarn, we’re starting a “one skein challenge”. The aim is to do one small project using no more than 100g of yarn on a regular basis (one of our team is trying for one challenge project a month). We’re adding a section to our Ravelry group for people to share patterns and finished projects.

So please comment below if you fancy taking up the challenge or have a one skein pattern to recommend – and do join our Ravelry group. We’ll be asking for updates on your one skein wonders on Facebook and Twitter during the year.


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