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Alternative summer knitting projects

We know that some people put away there knitting and crochet for the summer months – not something those of us at UK Had Knitting HQ understand – but it does happen. For some people certain fibres (especially in combination with plastic or metal needles) can feel hot or uncomfortable in their hands and might… Continue reading Alternative summer knitting projects


Top tips for knitting in public and on the move

This Saturday is Worldwide Knit in Public Day (WWKIP) and as part of Commit to Knit month we’ve been encouraging to take your charity projects and join in events. But for some knitters and crocheters taking our projects out and about isn’t just for WWKIP day. For some of us our knitting goes pretty much… Continue reading Top tips for knitting in public and on the move

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Why we like to knit for charity

It is Commit to Knit month  and we’re asking you to sign-up to knit or crochet an item for charity during June. We’ve come up with a list of charities that could benefit from your knitting and put together a collection of patterns for those organisations. The patterns are available in a booklet issued with… Continue reading Why we like to knit for charity