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Why we like to knit for charity

It is Commit to Knit month  and we’re asking you to sign-up to knit or crochet an item for charity during June.

We’ve come up with a list of charities that could benefit from your knitting and put together a collection of patterns for those organisations. The patterns are available in a booklet issued with the June issues of Simply Knitting, The Knitter and Simply Crochet magazines, and will be published on our website during the month.


Commit to Knit Month
Some of our Commit to Knit patterns – Egg cosies for Oxfam, Preemie Hat for Bonnie Babies and Tulips for AYME Mums.

Commit to Knit month was inspired by the 1,000s of you who knit for charity every year, but we’re sure that some of you are wondering if it is for you – so making a single charity item is a way to try it out.

To inspire you we’ve been asking some of our followers to tell us about their charity knitting and found so much variety in what they do. Charity knits come in all shapes and sizes. It could be something traditional like a blanket of squares or a hat for a preemie baby but equally it could be prizes for a tombola, a crocheted prosthetic breast or a knitted flower to raise awareness of a cause. Charity knits might be donated or sold – or they might be something you make from a pattern sold for charity. As knitters and crocheters, you do all of these things, proving once again the variety in the yarnie community.

And why do people knit for charity?

When you look at what people have to say about their charity knits, the underlying reason is that we love knitting and we can use something we love to help others. So it is a win-win. Plus we can think about the object we create being loved by someone who will really value a warm garment or a comforting blanket. Or of someone benefiting from a charity that has raised money through our stitches.

So whether you’ve knitted for charity or not in the past, please join in this great tradition and share the love this June.

commit to knit

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