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Alternative summer knitting projects

We know that some people put away there knitting and crochet for the summer months – not something those of us at UK Had Knitting HQ understand – but it does happen.

For some people certain fibres (especially in combination with plastic or metal needles) can feel hot or uncomfortable in their hands and might felt on a warm summer day.

The answer may be to think about using a different type of yarn. Cotton, silk and bamboo yarns can be good choices for summer knitting and crochet as can using a smooth 4-ply or sock yarn. Think about the fibres and yarn weights you might wear in summer and choose from those.

summer 16
Summer fibres and yarns: Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo; Erika Knight Studio Linen: Debbie Bliss Rialto 4-ply (100% merino); James C Brett Denim Cotton; Stylecraft Malabar (cotton & silk); King Cole Cottonsoft; Rico Summer Ribbon

You can find more tips on choosing yarns and needles for summer knitting here.

But if you really don’t see yourself working with traditional yarns this summer, we have some alternative materials and projects for you to consider.


You could use your knitting and crochet skills to create beautiful jewellery. Wire knitting usually requires using quite fine wire, 0.3-0.4mm diameter, and although you use basic stitches it can be fiddly and take a while to master. Start with a narrow (3cm) strip to create a bracelet. There are lots of books and online tutorials.

wire knitting


Although we have to pay for plastic bags in large shops now, many of us have a large stash down the side of the fridge or under the sink. Why not turn these into sturdier shopping bags by cutting the plastic bags into strips and knitting it into bags either in the round or using simple rectangles that can be sewn together .

plarn bag
Plarn bag from Thoughtful Rose


Another option for creating a bag for life is to use plain postal or garden string to create a retro string bag. There a lots of patterns online to get you started.

T-shirt yarn and other fabric

If you don’t have plastic bags to recycle, how about doing something similar with old t-shirts. T-shirt yarns can be used to make homewares including cushions and mats – this is a useful tutorial from Mollies Makes on how to cut up your t-shirts.

alternative knitting materials
DIY t-shirt yarn

Or join together strips of scrap yarn to create traditional recycled floor mats. Scraps of robust woollen materials and parts of worn out coats and jackets – this blog should get you started.

Whatever summer knitting projects you take on don’t forget to share the results on our Facebook and Twitter pages. LINKS


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  1. Am enjoying your Newsletter….looking forward to free patterns for Charity knits…..will share with my Knitting Group.


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