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The fun of yarn shopping on holiday

It is that time of year when many of us stare at suitcases agonising over how many knitting or crochet projects we will need for our holiday.

Will one or two projects be enough for a week? Should I take an extra emergency ball of sock wool and some dpns? What if there are five days straight of thunderstorms and you are stuck inside – what would you do if you ran out of yarn? Should I take out some yarn to make room for a change of shoes?

holiday knitting
Try to make a plan for your knitting packing in advance – that way you may have both the right needles and a change of shoes

When we’ve talked about holiday knitting in the past, we’ve recommended planning your holiday projects in advanced and having an organised bundle to take away. But for some of us there is another issue that has an impact on our holiday packing – will we come across a local yarn shop on the trip?

If you aren’t into buying traditional souvenirs, a little holiday stash enhancement is can be a fun option as well as inspiring new knitting projects.

You might see new yarns that you haven’t come across before or different colourways and uses for yarns you do know – I once had a great chat about UK yarns I recognised in a Canadian yarn shop with the owner.

Plus this is an activity that works whether holidaying at home or abroad. There are lots of interesting yarn shops around the UK, many listed on our Find a Yarn Shop map. Where you might find something new to squish. For those of us who don’t live particularly close to a local yarn shop a trip to a big city or a seaside town with an LYS can be a great treat.

Some people may think this is an unusual holiday habit, but it is increasingly common among knitters if the growing number of Tripadvisor reviews of yarn shops is anything to judge by.

So this holiday leave a little corner in your suitcase and treat yourself to a squishable souvenir.


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