Wrangling needles and notions, hooks and gauges

I love this time of year for a particular reason – apart from the occasional sunny day.

It is the season of the “back to school” stationery sale which is a blessing for anyone trying to organise what we might call “an extensive knitting and crochet related collection”. By this I don’t mean a lovingly built yarn stash but all the other items an avid knitter and crocheter accumulates.

knitting storage
I’m always accumulating new kit that needs storing

Speaking as someone who has 25 or so crochet hooks, at least two sets of double pointed needles in any size I deem “useful” and uncounted numbers of circular and straight knitting needles, this is a great time of year to organise my kit.

A browse through a stationery sale will turn up:

  • Desk tidies – great for needles and hooks

    knitting storage
    The crochet hooks are easily accessible and look pretty in a pencil pot
  • Pencil cases – small ones for tapes measures, stitch markers, darning needles and lots of other notions, big ones as project bags for sock and similar
  • Tins and boxes – perfect for storing notions, buttons and beads
  • Organiser wallets – these are a good way of managing your circular needles, especially the transparent ones that allow you to see the needles sizes without pulling everything out. DVD wallets can be another option here.

And having wandered into a stationery shop this week, I am now contemplating one of those three drawer mini-filing cabinets. A quick hack to create some cardboard drawer dividers could make it a great needle storage unit.

Then there are all those patterns we accumulate. I don’t keep whole magazines but do cut out patterns that catch my eye – so those display books with plastic pockets are essential for these and the pdf print outs from downloaded patterns.

So August has become the time to organise my kit and I’m always looking for new ideas for storing and managing my knitting and crochet equipment, so please share your ideas in the comments.

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