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Solving knitting problems: Cable mistakes

One frustrating thing that can happen with you knitting, is to look down and realise that you have cabled the wrong way.


But if the mistake is only a few rows down, rather than rip out at the rest of your cabling, there is a way of untwisting that one rogue cable.


Arrange your work so that the stitches each side of your cable are on separate needles and pin your work to a foam or cork board. Only drop the stitches that form the top crossing part of the cable off your needles. In this example it is the three right hand stitches of the cable.


Drop those stitches down to just before the last cable cross and pin the ladder of strands created out of the way.


Place the three dropped stitches on a safety pin and slip under the other half of the cable – this will happen very easily.


Use a crochet hook to pick up the stitches one at a time, making sure that you work up the “ladder” strands in the correct order.


When all the stitches have been picked up you will have a correctly aligned cable.

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