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Ideas for crocheted Christmas gifts

Last week we looked a couple of books that could come in useful when knitting gifts.

But we know that more and more of you are crocheting as well, so might also be thinking of getting your hooks out ahead of the festive season.

If you are new to crochet it is probably best to aim for well-chosen small projects this year. Concentrating on small gifts were you have thought a lot about the colours and yarns you use is more realistic than tackling a series of blankets for this year.

Great choices for small projects include gadget cosies, bags and purses, mug hugs and neckwarmers in chunky yarns. These can be personalised without weeks of work. Purses, matts and other homewares can be interesting learning projects as well because you can find patterns in cotton and less traditional yarns like raffia as well as wool.

crochet gifts
Crochet blanket from Hayfield; Stylecraft tech cosies; Crochet bag from Wendy; Fun animal from James C Brett; this Noro cowl pattern is a free download; Rico’s fun slippers; and a raffia bag by King Cole

If you have been crocheting for a while this might be the year to make someone a beautiful throw in someone’s favourite colours – assuming you have the time and ability to hide it from the recipient. Or you could try something with interesting construction such as a cosy pair of slippers.

For kids (and some adults), crochet toys are a good option. There are plenty of patterns out there mainly using double crochet so they can be good TV projects because they often require several rounds of the same stitch. The results are often well loved so using a robust acrylic yarn is often the best option allowing them to survive for a good length of time.

And if you don’t want the pets to be left out, why not make crochet a pet basket.



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