learning to knit

Take your stitches back to school

The kids have gone back to school but are you planning to learn anything this autumn.

It is a great time to learn new craft skills because there are lots of different classes around to access.

Learn at your local yarn shop

Your local yarn shop can be a great place to find both one-off workshops and short knitting and crochet courses. These might be designed to improve your overall skill level or to teach you a specific technique such as sock knitting, cables or crochet flowers.

Learning at a local yarn shop is a great way to get to know the shop and the staff as well as make new crafting friends who might live near you, so why not pop in to see what’s coming up. You can also check our workshop listings on the website to see if there are classes happening near you.

Commit to Knit month

Learn at a yarn show

Yarnfests and craft shows provide excellent opportunities to increase your skills through half day and full day workshops as well as shorter demos. There are often opportunities to try out a completely new craft or focus on a particular skill in sewing, knitting or crochet.

learning to knit

There may also be opportunities to learn from a designer or expert you admire. Have a look at our show diary and follow the links to find out what workshops are on the menu.

Learn online

There are also an increasing number of online knitting, sewing and crochet courses available.

These are great if you aren’t able to find or commit to an in person class but can fit in a couple of half hours each week. They are particularly useful for more complex techniques where you might want to repeat a lesson to get the hang of something – or to pause a class while you master a stitch.

Look for online courses with plenty of materials to download and where you can post queries to the teacher if you get stuck.

However you decide to learn, we would love to hear about what yarnie technique you are planning to tackle next. Do let us know in the comments.



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