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Rabbits, houses, windows and pirates – rhymes to help you knit

We recently asked you about the rhymes you have come across to help people learn to knit.

There were lots of variations of the “bunny” rhyme:

In through the bunnyhole
Round the big tree
Out through the bunnyhole
Off hops she

It is clear that rabbits have help many of us get started with our yarn and needles.

Commit to Knit month

Other variations involve houses:

In the house,
Round the house,
Through the house,
Off the house


In through the front door,
Go around the back,
Out through the window
And off jumps jack.

A more violent option goes:

Stab the pirate,
Strangle the pirate,
Pull him through
And off the plank!

While others go for the simple and descriptive.

“In, over through and out”


Through, over, under, off”

We think these rhymes and phrases are useful for people of any age learning to knit and use them on our learn to knits stands at craft shows. Our yarn doctor Bronagh even explained the bunny rhyme to the nation on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 Breakfast Show recently – you can listen here.

If you have a rhyme we’ve missed please let us know and we would love to find some for crochet too.


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