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Trendwatch: Cables

When we are out and about talking to knitters, the topic of cables comes up quite a bit. Experienced cable knitters tell us how much they love them and when we teach a cable novice how to tackle this simple technique they are amazed how easy they are.

Everyone agrees that cables are a little piece of knitting magic, a simple technique that looks super complicated – have a look at it here.

So it was great to spot an article in the Telegraph on must-have jumper trends which picked out cable knits as a strong winter trend. It is a great excuse to cast on a new cabley project.

Cables work on oversized jumpers (another trend), fitted pieces and accessories so whatever your knitting choices there is a cable pattern for you. With this in mind we’ve picked out a few pattern to get you started.

cable fashion knits
Man and boy sweaters in Sirdar No 1; Stylecraft Life Aran Sweater dress (8711); Erika Knight Vanessa sweater in British Blue 100; Debbie Bliss Falkland Aran scarf; King Cole cable sweater in Fashion Aran 4346; Rico Poncho in Creative Glow Worm; James C Brett chunky cable coat

Share your favourite cable patterns with us.

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