Organise your knitting and crochet for the new year

December is always a busy time, and for many of us there isn’t much time to think about knitting and crochet – except for last minute gift making. But once the holiday rush is over there will be time for yarnie thoughts.

For some that means plans for organising our yarn stashes, for others looking back at what we have, and haven’t, made this year or perhaps planning what to do with the contents of a squishy parcel or two under the tree.

In our occasional look at the tools on here are some of the ways you can use it to help with such mental wool gathering.

If you haven’t come across Ravelry before, it is a membership site for knitters and crocheters that combines social media and forums with a pattern and yarn library, and tools to help you keep track of your crafting. When you join the site you get you own notebook area to create your own project, pattern and yarn “libraries” which can be very handy when reviewing or planning your activity.

Organising your stash

The Stash tool in your notebook, allows you to add details of the yarn in your stash along with pictures. You can then sort your yarn by colour, weight, amounts, fibre content and add notes about what you plan to use it for. Spending a little time updating your stash list can save a lot of searching through boxes, bags or cupboards in the hope you have the right amount of the right yarn for a project.

Tracking what you have made and are making

Hands up if you have ever come across a half finished project – one and a bit socks for example – you had completely forgotten about. Or you decide to make a second version of a sweater but have no idea what the pattern was.

In your notebook you also can record details of all your yarnie projects whether in progress or complete. Each project file lets you link to the pattern, add the yarn your using and upload pictures as well as rating the pattern and yarn and recording progress. It is a great way of keeping track of projects or finding a pattern you’ve used before. And if the pattern isn’t in Ravelry’s enormous database, the app will guide you through adding it.

If you keep your notebook up to date with current projects, you have a reminder of work in progress and can check back on patterns you’ve used.

Planning next year’s knitting

What about those things you didn’t get round to knitting yet – or plans for that lovely Christmas present yarn.

The Queue is what you need. You can tag or upload pattern details for the things you want to knit next and even link items to yarn in your stash. What a great way to feel organised for 2018?



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