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Share a skill in 2018

One thing we know about the knitters and crocheters we meet and talk to through the year is that you are a very knowledgeable bunch. We also see how great you are at sharing your knowledge and skills, giving tips on social media and helping people at events.

So we have a suggestion for 2018. We would like to encourage all of our followers to resolve to share a knitting or crochet skill at least once this year.

continental knitting
For example, if you use the contintental knitting style show it to someone who Knit “English style”

This could be as simple as helping a friend with a new stitch or teaching someone the basics. It could be getting involved with an event like Knitting in Public Day or volunteering to help teach on a UK Hand Knitting stand at a large show. Or perhaps you learn something in a class and pass on a new tip to friends at a knitting group.

Big or small, whatever you do it will be about encouraging more people to knit or crochet or build their confidence.

We will be reminding you about this in future weeks and months and would love to hear about the skills you share. Tell us about it on Facebook or Twitter using the tag #shareaknitskill2018 or #shareahookskill2018.


2 thoughts on “Share a skill in 2018”

  1. I learnt to crochet 4 years ago. I learnt to knit at School, but never had Amy interest. I have asked my mum to teach me to knit this year.


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