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Take an Olympian approach to your knitting

Are you planning to watch the Winter Olympics in just a few weeks time? Will you be knitting or crocheting along while you watch?

If so, or even if you are not fans of winter sport, why not participate in a worldwide crafting challenge at the same time?

The Ravellenic Games is a global event for yarn crafters organised on the Ravelry website. It runs in parallel with the Olympics (summer or winter) and offers a series of challenges which you can complete during the period of the games.

There are categories for all sorts of things from making garments, shawls or toys during the games period to spinning your own yarn. There are special categories for completing items from your work in progress pile or ripping out a disastrous project. You can see the whole list here.

It is a great way to challenge yourself to complete a project or try something new – and for every category where you complete a challenge you will be awarded a (virtual) medal you can display on your profile.

You can compete as an individual – all the details are here – or join a team. As part of a team you can share progress, encourage other people and ask advice on logging projects for the event.

There are lots of teams listed on Ravelry but we are supporting our friends at The Knitting and Crochet Guild who already have quite a few people signed up and who have plenty of advice on how to join in. Click here to join in with them. If you sign up now you will have plenty of time to prepare.

The Ravellenic Games open when the official Winter Olympics opening ceremony kicks off in PyeongChang in South Korea – that’s 11am UK time on Friday 9 February – and closes on 25 February when the games close.

We will be watching to see how the Knitting and Crochet Guild get on and would love it if you would keep us up-to-date with your progress on Facebook and Twitter.

1 thought on “Take an Olympian approach to your knitting”

  1. Great idea. I was planning to crochet 2 jackets for my twin grandchildren aged 2.5. To take over to Oxford UK in early March (Coming from east coast of Ireland). This is just want I need to keep me focused as I have never attempted to crochet jackets before.
    Regards Patricia


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