Don’t be tripped up by pattern instructions – part 1

We are always on the look out for knitting and crochet problems that you need help with and several people have asked our advice on making sure they understand pattern instructions correctly. We’ve picked out a few instructions that can trip people up. “Decrease on every” This instruction (and similar ones of increases) are quite… Continue reading Don’t be tripped up by pattern instructions – part 1


Straight or circular needles

When we meet knitters at events, we are often asked about using circular needles – in particular if there is any difference to using straight ones. As with all things knitting, needle choice is a very personal thing and some needles will suit some knitters more than others. When you are using circulars, you make… Continue reading Straight or circular needles

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Trendwatch: Ice cream and texture

We’ve been flicking through the fashion magazines and blogs again, looking for some spring knitting inspiration, and we’ve noticed one phrase coming up a lot – ice cream colours. Pastels shades and subtle colours such as pale strawberry, pistachio, lilac and lemon are good choices for this spring and summer. Even variegated pastels will be… Continue reading Trendwatch: Ice cream and texture