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Volunteering with your craft skills

We noticed that in the USA April is volunteering month so, even though we are in the UK, it seemed like a good opportunity to talk about the benefits of volunteering and suggest a few ways to link it to your crafting skills.

One of the UKHK team in particular is a very keen volunteer. She was a gamesmaker at the London Olympics, helps run sporting events for kids and has even been one of the lead volunteers running a weekend event for several hundred people. She says that she really enjoys volunteering because she will meet new people, learns new skills or uses ones that she doesn’t in daily life and receives such positive feedback from the people who benefit.

This got us thinking about how we might link knitting and crochet to volunteering activities.

Hospitals and care homes.

Check out what is happening at local hospitals and residential homes. Care homes sometimes need people to help with crafting sessions to keep residents engaged and to keep them connected to the wider community. We have also heard of hospitals where volunteers teach long term patients to knits and well as groups who knit items to raise money for the hospital.

Scouting, brownies, etc

If you are interested in working with kids why not find out if the scouts or similar need someone with creative skills. These organisations look for a wide range of volunteers so you may have just what they need.

Yarn shows

There are a large number of local yarn shows these days and they rely on volunteers to make them run smoothly. They need help with making sure exhibitors make their way to the right stall and are set up on time, running information desks, looking after stallholders during the day and ensuring workshops run on time to name just a few items. You get the interesting opportunity to see behind the scenes a little and to get up close and personal with the lovely yarns. Why not see if your local show needs help.

UK Hand Knitting volunteers

At various points of the year we need help teaching people knitting and crochet at the larger craft events. Our volunteers get free entry to the event as well as the pleasure of introducing people to new skills. Click here to find out more about about what we do and to join our volunteer list.


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