Baby patterns fit for a prince

With the arrival of a new member of the royal family, babies and baby knits are coming up in conversation.

We are fans of knitting for babies for several reasons. A gift were you have thought about the style and colour choices of individuals and taken the time to make something individual is generally greatly appreciated by parents. Plus, often, the item you have put the effort into creating will be passed on to other infants in the future adding to the appreciation.

Baby knits also allow you to be creative with colour on a small scale or try out a new technique without committing to a large project.

These are among the reasons that we have a large range of baby garments among the UK Hand Knitting pattern collection. These are patterns available through yarn shops and online that raise money so that we can do more to promote knitting and crochet.

UKHKA patterns 158, 157, 92 and 57

The UK Hand Knitting baby patterns are written for standard DK and 4-ply yarns which gives you a lot of choice over colour and yarn choice and let you get quite creative. But it is still worth following a few guidelines:

  • Choose a yarn that closely matches the meterage and gauge listed in the pattern. Because the patterns are written for standard yarns this shouldn’t be too difficult.
  • Swatch with your chosen yarn to be sure.
  • Choose a machine washable yarn to take pressure off busy new parents.
  • Choose colours that are individual to the family and match their tastes.

We hope you enjoy trying some of our patterns.


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