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Find a space to share your skills

When we are teaching and encouraging people to knit and crochet at yarn shows round the country, we are often approached by people with a very specific request.

These are usually groups of two or three people where one person is keen to teach their companion(s) some aspect of knitting or crochet and ask if they can use our yarn and needles to do it. They explain that they don’t need the help of one of the volunteer teachers but simply need access to the materials and space.

We are always happy to welcome these people – we always want to give people opportunities to pass on their skills. We are also happy when two people knitting with us decide to swap cast on methods for example.

What it shows is that there are lots of skilled knitters and crocheters out there who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. At the same time we meet people who are afraid to ask advice from the more expert crafters or think that knitting and crochet groups only welcome people who don’t need help.

If you are someone with skills to share there are a number ways you could find an outlet:

  • Help other people in a knitting group Knitting and crochet groups are a great way to share skills – for everything you teach someone else, you may find you in turn learn something from someone else. If you are looking for a group, try our online directory or ask at your local library.
  • Help at youth groups, Brownies, etc. Some organisations for children and young people actively seek people with craft skills. Ask about locally to see if there are groups that would welcome some help and what they require from you.
  • Encourage friends and family. We all often have spare yarns and needles or hooks in our project bags, so why not have a small learner set in there. Then when people say they’d like to learn, you can give them a chance to have a go – you only need a pair of spare needles or a hook plus a small ball of yarn.
  • Sign up to be a UK Hand Knitting Volunteer We are always glad to find new people who might want to join our band of volunteer teachers to help at events. You can find out more here.

There is a lot of satisfaction from helping someone else learn, so we recommend giving it ago if you see an opportunity.

And if you are a novice or newish knitter or crocheter, don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone more experienced or of going to a knitting group – most yarn crafters are happy to talk and share.

Meanwhile you can next find the UK Hand Knitting teachers and Yarn Doctors at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in London, 11-14 October. Find us in the Grand Hall on stand J32

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