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Knitting and Crochet in Art

There is often a debate about what creative activities are art and what are craft. Some people arbitrarily draw lines that put knitting and crochet strictly in the craft category. But as photography has proved, some pursuits can be both depending on how they are used.

We’ve been on the look out for art projects using yarn and knitting and crochet skills recently and have gathered some of them together here.

We’d love to know about more so please tell us if you have seen any interesting yarn art.

ashley v blalock

Californian artist Ashley V Blalock is the master. Blalock creates giant crochet doily webs to fill public spaces (indoors and out) . See more at


Photographer Joseph Ford  & knitter Nina Dodd have collaborated on a project featuring sweaters that meld into their background. You can see more of their images online.



Finish artist Tuija Heikkinen uses both crochet and embroidery to create illustrations. You can find lots on her clever colourful works on her Instagram feed.

luisa de santi 1

We were able to see some of Italian crochet artist Luisa De Santi’s work at the recent Knitting and Stitching Show. She creates colourful sculptures and wearable art. It was the latter that we really fell in love with. There is lots to see on her website.

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