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Wrangling your yarn stash part 1

Yarn stashes can creep up on you.

You don’t mean to have a large collection of yarn but a number of things happen such as:

  • Having yarn left over from a project and putting it away because it will come in useful another time (especially if you like the yarn a lot)
  • Buying a yarn for a project that gets put off for some reason.
  • Yarn from a project that didn’t work out, so you are looking for something else to use it for.
  • Yarn gifts
  • Free yarns from magazines that you plan to turn into blankets squares at some point
  • Those hand dyed skeins you fell for at a yarn show
  • Bargains

Each on their own is an innocent, small piece of yarn acquisition but suddenly you have a skein mountain that has apparently grown when you weren’t looking.

How to store it all?

There are various options and we’ve collected some ideas and tips to help you.

  • Bag it! For smaller quantities of yarn ziplock or resealable freezer bags are a good option, keeping yarn dust and potentially moth free. To maximise your storage space, squeeze the air out of the bags before sealing. For larger quantities you can go for vacuum storage bags where you use your hoover to suck the air out.
  • Box it!
    janine foster tubs
    Large plastic storage boxes with clip on lids seem to be a popular choice or fabric storage cubes that fit on shelving units. In both cases, these are good way to sort your ziplock bags by yarn colour or type. (image from Janine Foster)
  • Shelve it! This is the decorative option. Collecting your yarn on shelves by colour or weight so everyone (or may be just you) can admire it. Another display optionone of you suggested, is in hanging shoe organisers. Of course, if you don’t knit or crochet fast enough it may attach dust. Mandi Woolwytch Neary craft room (pictured) is a great example of this.Mandi Woolwytch Neary sheves
  • Hire a storage unit! This may be your only option if the yarn stash has expanded into several rooms.

Keeping track

Boxing or bagging up your yarn is only half the battle. You need to know what you have stored and where. One of the UK Hand Knitting team has recently uncovered a sweater’s quantity of hand-dyed cashmere yarn, she stored in a “safe place” five years ago. That might be an extreme example but it does show how stash tracking can get away from you.

Look out for part two of our thoughts on yarn storage when we will look at ways to track your “collection”.

Thanks to all the knitters and crocheters on social media who shared pictures with us.


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