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Wrangling your yarn stash part 2 – tracking

We recently posted about ways to store your yarn but if you have a large stash it can be difficult to remember what is in it or where you have safely placed that particularly beautiful purchase.

Regardless of whether you have gone down the ziplock bag, shelving or storage unit option, you need a tracking system.


Claire Wilkins summed up the key issues with tracking your yarn stash when she described her yarn storage methods to us on social media.

She said “All my yarn is logged on a spreadsheet [with its location] and allocated to projects where I can as well. I also record its value as I have my stash separate on my contents insurance as it’s the most valuable thing in the house.”

If you want to thoroughly track your yarn and therefore find it again, noting the following can be useful:

  • Type of yarn
  • Colour or colours
  • Amount (per colour if relevant) – you could include weight or meters, or if you are very thorough record both
  • Location – this is essential
  • Is it attached to a project? And it the pattern stored with it?
  • Value

There are a few ways to record all this information.

Using a pen and paper gives you the excuse to buy a smart notebook or file folder to live in the same place as your stash. The pros for this option include being able to attach a snip of yarn and a label (if you have more than one skein) to your entry. On the other hand, it can be difficult to search quickly.

Keeping a yarn spreadsheet has the advantage of allowing you to search or sort your yarn by amount, weight, fibre, colour etc. In addition, if you use cloud storage like Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive, there is the ability to search your stash while you are in the yarn shop. Yes, you can check if you already own a metric ton of that particular yarn but just temporarily forgot about it.

A third option comes with a Ravelry account. Your Ravelry notebook area has a stash option where you can upload all the details of your yarn plus a picture. You can even link the entry to a particular pattern.

rav grab.jpg

Plus, when you look at patterns on the site, it will tell you if you have suitable yarn in your stash.

Whichever method you choose, the key is to be disciplined about adding yarn to your stash records as you acquire it. Otherwise your yarn collection will remain a mysterious archaeological endeavour.








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