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Using UKHKA Patterns

Our pattern collection is an important part of our work. The designs are created and donated by our member companies to help us raise money that can then be directed into projects to support knitting and crochet – including campaigns, the website and the free teaching we organise at large yarn shows.

ukhka pattern Collage


The patterns are available though yarn shops across the UK and via our website.

However, some of you do have questions about ensuring you have the right amount of yarn to make items.

All our patterns give yarn quantities in terms of balls of a standard yarn weight – 4-ply, DK, aran etc.

So how do you work out how much yarn you need?

The yarn quantities are worked out based on the average meters/100g for each type of yarn:

  • DK 240m per 100g
  • 4-ply 350m per 100g
  • Aran 180 per 100g
  • Chunky 120m per 100g

So, if your UKHKA patterns calls for 5 50g balls of DK you work out the meterage as follows:

Total weight: 5x50g = 250g

Total meters of yarn: (250 divided by 100 = 2.5) x 240 = 2.5 x 240 = 600m

If your DK is 105m per 50g ball (check your yarn label), you divide 600 by 105 = 5.71. That means you would need six of your 50g balls to complete your project.

You can use the same formula for any of our patterns

Step 1: Number of balls multiplied by ball weight = Yarn Weight (YW)

Step 2: Yarn weight divided by 100 multiplied by meters per 1OOg (meterage) = (YW/100) x Meterage = length

Step 3: Length divided by meters per ball of chosen yarn = number of balls required.

Now you are able to check you have the right amount of yarn, all you have to do is browse our patterns here. They are available to buy online or through yarn shops.

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