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Your best knitting advice

We recently asked on social media for the best knitting advice you’ve ever been given.

Here is a selection of your replies that we think other people might find useful.

sirdar 4

If you can knit and purl, you can complete any pattern. Rebecca Field

Always plan to learn from your mistakes. Mistakes will make your project unique. Ruth Huddle

Read the pattern. Then read the pattern and then read the pattern! Nikki Gray

Every yarn has its perfect pattern out there. Don’t be afraid to wait for the “marriage made in heaven”. Judit Sogan

Learners don’t give up if you are struggling. Even the very best knitters dropped stitches and made a mess of things at first. You could be every bit as good as them someday so one step at a time. Terry Bonny Bullard

There is no “Right” or “Wrong” way to do it. There are no Knitting Police. Alison Hiscock

Learn to use one colour in each hand for two colour Fair Isle. Pam Richardson

Lifelines, and stitch markers galore, for lace knitting. Jean Sharp

Only start a new ball of wool at the sides on the seam. Vicky Williams

Alternate skeins when using variegated or hand dyed yarn. Ellie May

Be relaxed when knitting and don’t grip the needles too tight, and don’t pull the yarn too tight. Doreen Noble

 Check your tension. Janet Sigley

Don’t ever roll up your knitting with both wool, needles and the project. Chance are that you pull out the wrong needle…and lose all your stitches! Pappas Flisan

It can always be frogged so go ahead and try the things which scare you. Vicky Sharratt

Take your knitting everywhere. Lara Pinchbeck

No one has ever died from too much knitting. Sally Brown

And finally…

Champagne and lace (patterns) do not mix. Jane Mackey


2 thoughts on “Your best knitting advice”

  1. I’d say know that you need to stop when you’re tired. I have a 10 p.m.curfew on anything even remotely complicated because when it’s heading to bedtime, I’ll make a mistake of some kind. I usually have something very simple available such as a blanket square in garter stitch if I really can’t manage without knitting altogether.


  2. Don’t forget to just have fun, While Knitting !! Make it your go to place and fun thing to do !! It will bring peace, comfort and joy in your soul !! 😇💝💙😉😂.


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