Top tips for warm weather knitting

Summer knitting or crochet is a big area for debate.

Some people put aside their yarnie projects for the summer, for others of us that just isn’t something we’d contemplate. The UK Hand Knitting team definitely falls in to the latter camp, so we’ve been gathering tips of warm weather crafting.


Project size

Keep it small if you can. Socks or blanket squares that you can join later are good choices, as are baby garments. A lacy shawl can also work if you can drape it away from you.

What you don’t want is a heap of knitted or crocheted fabric gathering in your already warm lap.

Think shady

If you are going to knit outdoors, choose a shady spot or settle under an umbrella – it is easy to get absorbed in a project (especially if like us you have an audio book on the go at the same time) and get sunburn or overheat.

If there is a light breeze, that is good because your hands will stay cooler.

Of course, the most shade is indoors by an open window or with a fan running.

Needle or hook choice

We often given thought to the types of yarn we work with in summer – many people favour cotton or bamboo for example – but the material your needles or hooks are made from can also be important.

Some people find acrylic or plastic needles make their hands sticky and metal tools can easily heat up in direct sunlight.

If you are finding your hook or needle uncomfortable, try some made from other materials – do be careful to recheck your tension [LINK TO PREVIOUS BLOG].

Avoid sticky hands

Putting your baby talc or liquid talc on your hands can be a help in keeping your yarn running smoothly.

As can avoiding ice cream treats near your project!

Keeping hydrated

If you are concentrating on your project, it can be easy to forget to drink enough in warm weather. A well-trained family member providing regular refreshment can prove very useful.




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