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Love it or List it? (Your yarn stash)

Do you know what is in your yarn stash?

Is every ball and skein something you love – or, perhaps more importantly, yarn that you will use? Really, even the purple eyelash yarn?

Every now and again it is worth taking a look through your yarn stash and ask the love it or list it question. In other words what in your stash do you want to keep and what should you consider selling, swapping or donating?

When your stash is threatening to break free it might me time to review what you have and decide what you should love and what list.

Just because a ball of yarn is in your stash doesn’t mean it has to stay there forever – somewhere out there is another knitter or crocheter in real need of a sweater quantity of that purple eyelash yarn when you really wish you had a bag of lime green laceweight.

There are several ways to rehome your unwanted stash.

  • Sell it. You can use your Ravelry stash age to flag up any yarn you are willing to sell (or swap) so that other crafters can if they search for a particular yarn. You could also list your yarn on ebay or a car boot sale app.
  • Swap it. Yarn swaps can be great fun. Have a small one with your yarn group. Or look out for a charity yarn swap where everyone pays a small amount to take part. One way to organise this is for every participant to receive a ticket for every skein or ball they bring to swap. These can then be exchanged for other yarn.
  • Donate it. Look out for local charity projects – these often appeal for yarn. It is also worth checking local charity shops. In some cases these accept yarn which is knitted up by volunteers and the finished items sold in the charity shop.

And if you find it difficult to contemplate letting go of any stash yarn, just think of it as making space for something new.

PicMonkey Collage.jpg
We know that many of you will want to keep the purple eyelash yarn, so here is some inspiration



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