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New Year Knitting Resolutions


crochet blanket close up crop
Tackling a new pattern each month could be your resolution

Instead of going on a diet or setting yourself some extreme exercise challenges, have you thought about making some knitting or crochet new year resolutions.

We have a few ideas:

Learn a new technique. Choose a technique that would allow you to tackle a pattern you’ve always admired but didn’t feel you had the skills for. In the past my knitting resolutions have included steeking and colourwork. You could go for cables, brioche, lace and much more.

Make your first… sweater, lace shawl, socks, etc. The idea is to knit or crochet an object that you’ve never attempted before.

Organise your stash. We always say we are going to it, but why not make it a resolution to actually do it. See some of our tips here

Try a new yarn. If you tend to have go to yarn, and always knit in wool or in DK, you could decide to try super chunky, lace weight, cotton or even a camel/yak blend this year. Choose two or three new yarns and then have a lovely time browsing Ravelry, magazines and books for patterns to go with your resolution.

Or if you really want to be a better person in 2020, you could resolve to make a tension square for every project that needs to fit.

.What’s your yarnie resolution? Tell us in the comments

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