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New tutorial: Getting your tension right

Measuring knitted tension

One of the topics our yarn doctors are asked about most is tension or gauge. Or rather, a lot of people ask why a project has come out bigger or smaller than expected – and the answer comes down to having the wrong tension.

Any good pattern will tell you how many stitches and rows there are to a certain measurement usually 10cm (this is true of crochet as well as knitting). If your work has the same tension, it will come out the same size as the pattern. If your tension is off you could end up with a miniature sweater or a family-sized tent.

In one of our new collection of video tutorials the yarn doctors explain in detail about the importance of tension and show you how to measure it accurately.

You can watch the video here and find the full set on our website (click on the view more bar at the bottom until they are all revealed).