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Using yarn to entertain your kids

We have written in the past about school holiday knitting projects for kids and at the moment we’ve notice people including crafts in their home schooling plans so we though it was a good time to take another look at crafting with youngsters.

You can find our top tips for teaching kids to knit here – imagine how many well-dressed teddies there will be by the end of the home schooling period.


You can find some pattern suggestions for knit that kids might enjoy here.

But what other things can you do with your yarn leftovers to interest your kids in crafting?

PomPom Rugs

Pompom makers you don’t necessarily need to cut up you cornflake packets for pompom rings. But, which ever method you use, winding wool to create these fluffy balls can really engage youngsters.


One way to avoid a pompom stockpile is to turn them into a rug. Check out this tutorial the Make and Do Crew.

Wrap your world in yarn

We came across this fun tutorial for wrapping slap bracelets with bright yarn.


This got us thinking. There must be lots of things that could be wrapped. The first one we came up with is very Blue Peter style. You could wrap yoghurt pots or other washed out food containers to create pen tidies or other storage items. All you need is yarn and glue.

Or make a rainbow shape out of scrap materials and then decorate by wrapping and adding tassles.


From friendship bracelets to kumihimo cords, braiding left over yarn can be fun. Especially if you make your own disc from some left over cardboard. Check out a tutorial here.

If your kids get really creative, you may find that you have an excuse to top up your stash.

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