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The right method can revolutionise sewing up your knitting

We’ve noticed quite a few knitters commenting that although they have done lots of knitting over the past two or three months, they don’t have many finished objects. This turn out to be because they hate sewing up.

When we ask why people detest sewing so much, some people say they find it boring but many more say it is because they don’t like how their sewing looks. This is often because they aren’t using the best stitch for the job.

mattress stitich for sewing up knitting

Mattress stitch can make a big difference, creating a pretty much invisible seam on the outside. It is so neat that you could sew with a wildly contrasting coloured yarn and it wouldn’t show on the outside.

mattress stitich for sewing up knitting

It is also a great choice for ensuring stripes and other patterns line up.

mattress stitich for sewing up knitting

We have a video tutorial for mattress stitch on the website.

Practice on straight seams such as sleeves and the sides of garments and cushions, etc. Once you have got the hang of the technique you can also find ways to use variations for setting in sleeves and other more complicated joins.

And once you are happy sewing up your projects, there are fewer unfinished objects to make you feel guilty about a trip to the yarn shop.



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