Nothing wrong with “selfish” knitting (or crochet)

We’re pretty certain that lots of you have made plenty items for others this year – whether that be making items for charity appeals, yarn bombing your local area with rainbows or Christmas decorations or completing a mile-long gift list.

But some people will still describe knitting something for yourself as selfish.

We don’t agree – we think it is self-care.

There are so many little pleasures to be had from knitting for yourself.

Choosing the yarn: You can pick the colour and type of yarn you want without worrying if someone else will like it or whether it will survive a non-yarnie’s laundry regime (often our biggest worry when making for others). And who doesn’t love delving into their stash for some precious skein or exploring the websites for the perfect ball or two or three … or 17?

Choosing the pattern: There’s so much fun to be had looking through all your saved patterns (whether on page or online) and choosing something that you have really wanted to make but not set aside the time for. Or it might be your favourite sock pattern that you’ve used for years. Whether it is a challenge or warm feet that’s going to making you happiest, it’s all up to you.

Pressure-free knitting: We know that knitting is good for our health. Its meditative rhythm is good for lowering our pulse rates as well as soothing and calming us. However, deadlines for gifts or community projects can add a pressure that reduces those benefits.

When you are making something for yourself you don’t have to set a deadline and just let your project grow as you feel like.

Enjoying the result: And then you get to keep your lovely work. Enjoying toasty toes or a snuggly sweater, glamorously wafting a lace shawl or admiring a stunning blanket.

So, go on, treat yourself to a little self-care knitting present – you deserve it!

A few self-care project ideas: A quick relaxed knit in James C Brett Masquerade Chunky (pattern JB720) ; Treat yourself to cosy toes, free sock patterns are available with King Cole ZigZag; Bright accessories are a great way to cheer up your winter – these are from Rico Knitting Idea Compact (97961.01.00); Pressed Flower blanket in Stylecraft Bellissima – crochet yourself a field of flowers.

2 thoughts on “Nothing wrong with “selfish” knitting (or crochet)”

  1. Absolutely no way is knitting for yourself “selfish” I see it as an essentioal part of “me” time. It s great to knit for others ut then to reward yourself is equally good and that is what I plan to spend my Christmas hols doing. Happy Christmas and New Year to all.


  2. It do occasionally indulge in some items I need (as well as enjoy making) & this winter I made plaited narrow snoods to match a new (& desperately needed) waterproof jacket. I have also made matching mittens for this & a couple of others coats/jackets – so wherever you are there will be warm items with you & not left at home – This is also so much cheaper than buying .


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