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Colours for 2021

What do yellow and grey say to you? Fantastic stripes or strong opposites? Colours you never wear or is one of them your go-to colour?

Every year the colour experts at Pantone chose a colour (or occasionally colours) of the year. These are supposed to predict the shades that designers will be drawn to and in some way sum up the global mood – quite a big job for a single colour.

This year they have picked a pair of colours to do the heavy lifting – Illuminating, a vibrant yellow, and Ultimate Grey.

Pantone describes the combination of the pair as “practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic” which may be a good reflection of the world mood. But for knitters and crocheters the bigger question is do the two colours work well together and how can they be used.

We took a look at yellows and greys from different yarns and as you can see there are some good options that will work together.

Stylecraft Softie, Oats and Zest

And you can find yarns that combine both colours like Rico Baby Dreams, Pastel Confetti.

Stripes aren’t the only way to combine these two colours in your knitting, a flash of contrast colour on cast on and cast off edges be a very smart finishing touch to a garment or a band of fair isle could add interest to a project.

Or you could look right on trend by combining a yellow sweater with grey trousers or wearing a grey cardigan with a yellow dress.

Or if you’re not sure about wearing yellow, why not crochet a cheerful bag for spring.

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