Taking photos of your knits

There are lots of places you might share a picture of your knitting and crochet projects – Facebook and Instagram feeds, blogs, online knitting groups, or to “readers makes” type call outs on social media like our “Finished object Friday” threads and our month Facebook cover picture competition.

However, getting the best pictures of your projects can be tricky, so we have a few tips to help.

  • Phone settings: On your camera or phone look for the portrait or close-up wildlife setting and ensure that the focus point on your screen is over the knitting project. This will mean your picture is focused more on the details of your project and less on the background.
  • Light: Making sure your project is well lit is very important as you want your project to look good. Using natural light is much better than a flash which can be very harsh and may not show the details of your project at its best. Try putting your project near a window or taking it outside (weatehr permitting). If you are taking a lot of pictures, you could think of buying an inexpensive ring light like the one pictured below.
    Making sure there is plenty of light on your project will mean that your lovely stitches are clearer and that there is less likely to be blur in your pictures.

Move your knits or yarn about the room to find the best lighting,
or if you are using a ring light, move that about
  • Positioning your knits: Try to have a plain or uncluttered background for the knitting you are photographing. There are lots of ways to do this whether your piece is lying flat, being worn by someone or on a mannequin of hanger. Look for a plain wall or background – for things lying flat you can buy photo boards that look like wood or stone etc or use an old breadboard, a sample piece of vinyl flooring or a large tile (some of which you might find for free). Look at how the picture appears on your screen or through the viewfinder for distracting items. I have seen a beautifully arranged basket of knitting with a blurry pyramid of toilet rolls peeking up in one corner for example. If you see something like that – just move it for a few minutes.

Using a simple background and taking pictures from above can help your
yarn or knitting stand out

Positioning you: Take a few pictures from slightly different angles and see which looks best. If you are taking a picture of a rug on the floor or a sweater laid out flat for example, get as high as you can (safely) above it – a folding kitchen stool is handy for this. This will reduce the effects of perspective because you are looking down on your item.

What’s your picture for?: When you are taking your picture, think about where you are going to use/post it. Instagram shows pictures in a square format so you want the details of your knitting in the middle of your frame. Facebook is more flexible, but do think about when pictures are going to go into a banner (like our monthly cover competition) – how will you picture look in that shape. By taking more than one picture from slightly different angles and distances you will have choices and be able to find the best option.

By taking a little time to plan and think about your pictures, you will be able to show off your yarnie projects even better. And we’ll all enjoy that.

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