Monogamous knitting or the multi-project life

One of the great things about knitting and crochet is that we all take different approaches and enjoy different things while all still relying on the same basic stitches. What makes you happy from your yarn craft won’t necessarily be the same as your best knitting friend.

And that is true of how many projects you have on the go at one time. When we asked you on social media how many live projects you had at that moment, answers ranged from zero to double figures. Plus a few people who said they are too embarrassed to answer. But there is no wrong answer to the question, the number of projects you have will depend on what you need to enjoy your craft.

For the monogamous knitter, there is great satisfaction in picking out a project and seeing it through to the end before starting the process again.

An almost finished sweater, a shawl project, socks as a portable project and quick stocking stitch pattern ready to cast on is a fairly average work in progress count for many knitters

Others take the horses for courses approach. This means having different projects for different circumstances: a small project that fits in any bag and can be easily pulled out whenever and wherever you are, a plainish project that you can manage when watching sport on the telly, a blanket that’s too big to live anywhere but the end of the sofa, and so on. These tend to be the crafters who can’t bear their hands being idle even when they are doing something else.

Another reason to have more than one project, is that you are just not enjoying or feeling good about a project but aren’t ready to completely give it up just yet. So you cast on something else in the meantime.

Then there is the finishing pile. A project is still “live” if you need to sew it up or weave in the ends. That’s why we sometimes have Sew Up Sunday posts on our social media to encourage us all to do some finishing off.

However, many projects you have, there is a good reason for it and as there are no knitting police there’s nothing wrong with your choice. Although if you are committed to a multiple project life, keep a list of what you’ve started (and where you’ve out it) can come in very handy.

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