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Settling in to knit at your local yarn shop

At UK Hand Knitting we are big fans of knitting and crochet groups of every type – in person and virtual. But right now, we’re really enjoying the return of yarn shop knitting groups.

As with other knitting groups, those hosted in yarn shops offer a range of benefits to crafters. There is simply the opportunity to meet other people. Then there is the chance to be inspired by what other people are making, grab a look at patterns you’ve been thinking about or check out the yarns other people are using.

Groups are also the perfect place to get help if you are stuck on a pattern or project. Other knitters may have come across a particular technique before and can help you get to grips with it. Or the collective knowledge of the group can help work out what a pattern instruction means.

Then there’s just the chat and time away from work, etc.

Yarn shop groups offer a little extra though – shopping!

As well as being inspired by other people’s projects, there a chance to get all the materials for your own version there and then. Or just have a browse for a little yarn stash enhancement.

Plus, many shop groups have regular “show and tells” at their events. This is where a member of staff shows off new stock that has come in. That could be yarn or pattern books or clever new notions. Sometimes it is even samples of yarn they are deciding whether to stock. We’ve even met shops that use their groups to help them choose which colourways of a yarn they should order for the shelves.

Check out whether your yarn shop has a group – you can find lots of shops listed on our website – or use our knitting group page to find one near you.

Combine a chat and some knitting time with a chance to check out some new yarn

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