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Commit to Knit returns for 2018

This year's Commit To Knit Month 2018, our campaign that encourages knitters and crocheters to make one item for charity, will take place in September. Last year crafters all over the country got involved and this time we are particularly calling on knitting groups across the UK to get involved. To celebrate Commit To Knit,… Continue reading Commit to Knit returns for 2018

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Sunshine yellow yarn for summer

I don’t know about you but bright yellows make me smile. It is a mood lifting colour so as it is one of the shadess of the season we are set for a very cheerful summer. And it isn’t just us and the fashion magazines that love yellow this year. Two of the most memorable… Continue reading Sunshine yellow yarn for summer

Commit to Knit month

Why your GP might recommend a knitting group

We regularly talk about knitting groups on this blog. We are big fans of knitters and crocheters meeting to craft together, share knowledge or just to squish each other’s yarn. Groups can be merely social or come together for a major project or to focus on creating items for charity. But it isn’t just us… Continue reading Why your GP might recommend a knitting group

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Trendwatch: Ice cream and texture

We’ve been flicking through the fashion magazines and blogs again, looking for some spring knitting inspiration, and we’ve noticed one phrase coming up a lot – ice cream colours. Pastels shades and subtle colours such as pale strawberry, pistachio, lilac and lemon are good choices for this spring and summer. Even variegated pastels will be… Continue reading Trendwatch: Ice cream and texture

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Knitwear trends for 2018

What will we be knitting this year? We’ve been taking a look at the likely knitwear trends for 2018 and gathering some pattern inspiration for the next few months. Big and comfy Oversized jumpers, chunky knits and cosy sweaters to snuggle up in featured in the fashion collections and magazines for this season. And what… Continue reading Knitwear trends for 2018