Tips: When to rip back or not

Some knitters see ripping back their knitting as a sign of defeat, but sometimes it really is the best answer and reknitting a number of rows will take less time and cause you less grief than trying to fix a problem another way. On other occasions there may be a quick fix that means the… Continue reading Tips: When to rip back or not

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Trendwatch: Cables

When we are out and about talking to knitters, the topic of cables comes up quite a bit. Experienced cable knitters tell us how much they love them and when we teach a cable novice how to tackle this simple technique they are amazed how easy they are. Everyone agrees that cables are a little… Continue reading Trendwatch: Cables

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Solving knitting problems: Cable mistakes

One frustrating thing that can happen with you knitting, is to look down and realise that you have cabled the wrong way. But if the mistake is only a few rows down, rather than rip out at the rest of your cabling, there is a way of untwisting that one rogue cable. Arrange your work… Continue reading Solving knitting problems: Cable mistakes