It’s National Knitting Week – get involved

Today marks the start of National Knitting Week, 5-11 October 2015. Although at UK Hand Knitting every week is about encouraging people to knit and crochet and share the love of everything yarnie, National Knitting Week is a time when we encourage other knitters, crocheters and yarn retailers to get on board and make a noise about yarn crafts too.

Central to National Knitting Week this year is Commit to Knit our campaign to get 1,000 knitters and crocheters to sign up to make at least one item for charity this autumn, but signing up  is not the only way for you to support knitting week.

You could support one of our Commit to Knit charities, the Mission to Seafarers  by knitting a hat this Friday of the Campaign for Wool Woolly Hat Day.

nationalknitting week

You could go to a knitting group for the first time. These are a great way to meet new people, learn new techniques or to just have an excuse to knit without interruption for a while. If you don’t know of a local knitting group email so we can check our lists to help. Once our new website is up there will be a searchable database of knitting groups.

If you are already part of a knitting group use this week to invite learners or to plan a learn to knit event for the run up to Christmas.

If you don’t want to be part of an organised event why not knit on the bus or in a public place and chat to the people who ask you about your knitting.

Or wear your best hand knits all week.

We just ask that you are loud and proud about your knitting this week.


Why we love charity knitting

At UK Hand Knitting we talk a lot about charity knitting projects and have even launched a campaign for National Knitting Week asking you to Commit to Knit for a charity this autumn.

So we thought we should tell you why we are so passionate about knitting for charity.

  1. Doing something practical – as knitters and crocheters we have skills we can put to use in a good cause which can be more satisfying that dropping some coins in a box. And what you make could be loved by someone who really needs it.
  2. Standing in the street shaking a collecting tin can be difficult for some people. Instead you might be more comfortable making something for the charity to sell to raise money. Plus there are two beneficiaries – the charity and whoever buys your lovely knitted object.
  3. Knitters come up with some really innovative and interesting projects for charities – breast prostheses, dolls for dementia awareness, brightly coloured woolly hats for homeless people, mice for animal charities, hats for premature babies, and so much more.
    charity knitting
  4. Charity projects are often small or ask you to contribute to something bigger like a blanket or bunting. This makes them perfect for stashbusting [link]. So you can use up all those odd balls of yarn for a good cause (and make more space for new yarn).
  5. You can team up with friends, a knitting group or even online contacts to do a charity knitting project and have a lot of fun doing it.
charity knitting

Why not team up for project – as with these St Mungo’s Woolly Hats

  1. And let’s be honest, we’re addicted to knitting but there is an upper limit to the amount of knitwear you can fit in your home (really!) and that friends and family can wear. So charity knitting lets us do what we want and create items that will really be appreciated.

If you already knit for a good cause, you can nominate the charity to be part of our campaign here and if you think you would like to take up charity knitting look out for details of how you can sign up to Commit to Knit in the next few weeks.

Commit to Knit for charity during National Knitting Week

Do you have time to knit something for charity this Autumn?

This year UK Hand Knitting is teaming up with Knitting magazine for a special campaign to mark National Knitting Week, 5th-11th October 2015.

Because we know that knitters, and crocheters, are a generous lot, we are looking for 1,000 of you to help charities based in the UK by committing to knit one small item to help the charity raise money.

The first step is to choose the charities and this is also something you can help with. We would like your nominations for charities we should support this year.

Please tell us your suggested charity in the comments below, on our Facebook page or by tweeting us at @UKHKA . The only requirements are that the charity is UK based and that they have an existing campaign asking supporters to knit for them. Once we have completed the list of charities we’ll ask you to choose your favourite and “commit to knit” one, ten or even one hundred items for that cause – whatever you have time for.

“So many charities raise valuable funds or can make contributions to those less fortunate thanks to the army of knitters that support them,’ explains Russell Morris, chair of UK Hand Knitting. “We wanted to take the opportunity this year to celebrate their work and invite more knitters to take part.”

Volunteers will be invited to sign up from the beginning of September 2015 but please nominate your charity today.


What will you commit to knit?