Join us at a yarn show or two this Autumn

We are going to be out and about at a range of shows this autumn, starting with our two yarn doctors holding surgeries Yarndale at Skipton Auction Mart, 23-24 September.
The yarn doctors are two expert knitters and teachers, Juliet and Bronagh, who will be available to show you new techniques, offer advice and help sort out problems you might be having with a pattern. Find them near the cafe at Yarndale.
The yarn doctors will also be available to solve your knitting and crochet issues  at three other autumn shows, alongside our wonderful volunteers who will be teaching people to knit and crochet for free, as well as inviting you all to join in some charity knitting.

Look out for the UK Hand Knitting area at the following shows.

Our volunteers are a lovely band of friendly people who are happy to share their knitting and crochet skills with others. Without them we would not be able to introduce so many people to yarn crafts each year. If you haven’t volunteered with us before and would like to find out more or sign up for future shows, please click here.

If these shows don’t suit you, why not have a look at our yarn event calendar to see if there is a show near you some time soon. It is a great way to check out a wide range of yarns, find new ideas and meet other knitters and crocheters.


Get the best from summer yarn shows

If you take a look at our knitting and crochet event calendar you will see there are plenty of yarn fairs to visit over the next two or three months.

With this in mind here are our top tips for getting the best out of a summer yarn show.

Take some time to research and plan

It is worth taking a little time before the show to make sure you will see everything you want to on the day. Check to see if there are any workshops with spaces and any talks or demonstrations you might want to fit in.

Have a glance down the retailer list so you don’t miss a stall you will regret later.

Check out the refreshment facilities. If it is an outdoor (or even partially outdoor) event, see if there are places where you can eat a picnic on sunny day.

Allow plenty of time

There is no point is rushing round an event like this. There may be sheep or alpacas to admire, a shearing or a spinning demo to watch and you might bump into people you know.

Plus if you are determined to get the best from the stalls you may be best advised to make two circuits. First as a recce to you can see everything on offer (and not spend all your money at the first stop) and then a second to find a few treats whether that be yarn, needles and hooks, bags or something out of the ordinary.

Image from Fibre East

Enjoy yourself and chat to representatives of guilds, as well as  other knitters and crocheters

One of the joys of a yarn show is admiring other people’s knits and chatting to them about what the pattern is and what yarn they used. Another is visiting various guilds and associations on their stands to find out about new crafts. The social side of a yarn event can be as much fun as the shopping.

We are planning to have some fun trips to yarn fairs this summer and we hope you do too.