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Shop Your Stash

Have you ever watched any of the decluttering or living for less type TV shows? You often come across experts showing people how to “shop their wardrobe”. This means taking out every garment they own – often a large amount including unworn garments, thanks to fast fashion – and creating new outfits as if they… Continue reading Shop Your Stash

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Love it or List it? (Your yarn stash)

Do you know what is in your yarn stash? Is every ball and skein something you love – or, perhaps more importantly, yarn that you will use? Really, even the purple eyelash yarn? Every now and again it is worth taking a look through your yarn stash and ask the love it or list it… Continue reading Love it or List it? (Your yarn stash)

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Wrangling your yarn stash part 2 – tracking

We recently posted about ways to store your yarn but if you have a large stash it can be difficult to remember what is in it or where you have safely placed that particularly beautiful purchase. Regardless of whether you have gone down the ziplock bag, shelving or storage unit option, you need a tracking… Continue reading Wrangling your yarn stash part 2 – tracking