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Our campaign to support local yarn shops

It is a tough time for everyone right now and that includes the yarn shops we love.

The UK Hand Knitting Association, whose members include the largest yarn brands in the country, has launched a campaign together with five leading craft publishers to support local yarn shops across the UK – “Yarn Shop Love”

ukhka square yarn shop love

As if doing business on the high street wasn’t tough enough, yarn shops are facing a once-in-a-lifetime challenge to stay in business during this difficult time.

Through social media and regular newsletters, the initiative will be actively promoting the unique benefits of local yarn shops during quarantine to the 7 million knitters and crocheters across the UK. Although the doors may be shut, many yarn shops are still able to offer an online or mail order service, helpful and expert advice, personal shopping on facetime, virtual craft groups and workshops. It’s more important than ever to support our local shops, wherever they are.

Yarn shops matter. Not only is crafting a way to occupy ourselves as we spend more time at home, but there are significant and documented benefits to our mental health when we knit or crochet.  And you’re never too young or too old to give it a try.

Annabelle Hill Chair of UKHKA’s Promotions Committee says: “Yarn shops and the communities they build around them have an important part to play in our retail landscape.  We are here to do as much as we can to support them through this challenging time, which will include tutorials and advice about how to harness social media and apps such as Zoom.”

map grab

We have a map and regional listings of local yarn shops  on the website and we are hosting virtual knitting groups twice a week to help people stay in touch and craft together – check our social media for details.

How you can help local yarn shops:

  • Check on our map to see if your local yarn shop is still offering services or contact them directly.
  • If there isn’t a yarn shop near you, why not adopt one further afield that is still offering mail order services?
  • Use a local yarn shop’s online services to replenish your stash or order yarn for a special project. Many shops are offering virtual tours and online advice.
  • If your yarn shop has an online knitting group, join in and help build your local knitting and crochet community.
  • Recommend shops to other people when you have a good experience.

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