Tips for keeping your crochet straight

One question we are asked a lot is: “Why does my crochet go wiggly?” This is usually because you have either made too many or too few stitches in a row or ended it in the wrong place – or possibly both. One thing people find difficult when starting to crochet is knowing where to… Continue reading Tips for keeping your crochet straight


Tips – using stitchmarkers

Stitchmarkers can be some of the most useful tools in your knitting or crochet bag but a lot of people haven’t used them or are puzzled because there seem to be so many different types as in this picture. You see stitchmarkers that are plain metal or plastic rings, charms hanging from rings, beads on… Continue reading Tips – using stitchmarkers

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Crochet is more fashion than granny

The so-called crochet “granny-square” was the talk of social media fashionistas in the past few weeks after Gigi Hadid was photographed in a crocheted Rosetta Getty coat ( pictured top left). Suddenly a technique often declared twee is the first love of fashion editors. And it is not the only high fashion outing for the crochet… Continue reading Crochet is more fashion than granny